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  • I stepped into the Apple store hoping for an iMovie presentation on January 13th, 2004 (as scheduled Online). There was no iMovie presentation for that day and I was told by the genius at the Genius bar (he is very friendly guy), and he told me that I can ask any representative on the floor to show me the basic use of iMovie. I asked two representatives on the floor at the Apple store (Pallisade Mall, West Nyack, NY). One of which was very rude to me, he told me I can go explore the help option on the iMovie!!! I told him (Bugzy was his nick name), would you please show me how to use basic feature of the iMovie, and he rudely moved to a nearby machine to show me, I was feeling very uncomfortable so I sent this message to Apple stores support feedback and left. I am a researcher at the a higher education institution, conducting anaylsis on plant genomes using all available Apple software and hardwares, including the expensive Xserver cluster and I recently had converted my lab from PC to Macintosh based. Should I need to be served so rudely? This is not my first time, please, do Apple stores screen their employees? It reflects a lot on Apple company status, especially after today's experience, I would think twice in stepping into one of the stores.