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  • Nov 22, 2007
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  • I can only shake my head at the hostility toward "UNIONS". Unions are brought about by poor and inept management. Under proper management, the firing bad teachers is not a problem...YOU DOCUMENT PROBLEMS IN A MANNER THAT WILL HOLD UP IN COURT. Why should the "good", politically incorrect teacher, be fired just because management is so incompetent they can't/won't deal with the bad teacher, that is politically correct? Unions protect the good worker, who is not the pet of management. I grant you that Unions must evolve to better serve current market requirements, but so does management. I hear, over and over, about the high pay of union workers...why do I not hear as loud an outcry over the GROSSLY overpaid management? In a time of CEOs getting tens of MILLIONS of dollars of compensation for a single year of effort, why is it that the union worker, getting a few tens of thousands of dollars for that same year of effort, is the BAD GUY?? Looking at the spelling and other errors of other posts, I laugh. There is not the same as Their, or They're and a run-on-sentence or one without proper construction, just looks silly. Perhaps a few of those that have submitted a post would have been more wise to have learned the lessons that were being taught in class. As for the political issues of lobbying......H-E-L-L-O....WRITE YOUR REP.! Sure the lobbies are doing what they can to get what they want, but remember, the VOTERS are what put the Rep. into office and when it is made very clear that even 100% of the lobbyist' voter pool is not enough to get reelected, the Rep. will yield to the masses. So stop your bitch'n and take the time to write your Rep.. Also, be sure you vote...and be sure your Rep. knows you vote and are watching him/her.