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  • Oct 19, 2005
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  • Facts: - before WWDC, Steve J bragged about being contacted by three major PC manufacturers, begging Apple to port Mac OS X to PC hardware - at WWDC, Intel transition was revealed, MS was snubbed for being slow on SW releases - after WWDC, Michael Dell said he would be willing to sell MacIntels, given the chance Probably true: - Steve J still lusts for world domination on the OS market, even though he has publically said the the OS wars are over - Steve J also understands that Apple cannot make all those computers needed for world domination Speculation: - Apple keeps the iBook/Powerbook, iMac and multiprocessing PowerMac lines, in order to keep a healthy revenue needed for further Mac OS X development - Apple licenses single-processor (even with multi-core) PowerMacs to Dell, HP to gain CIO mindshare and Average Joe acceptance (2007) - Apple's market share goes double-digit (2008) - Apple ends hardware manufacturing when market share > 25 % (2010) - Windows market share < 10 % (2015)
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    PowerMac on Intel, the Beast Cuts Loose