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  • Oct 21, 2007
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  • I purchased my first Mac for my wife for a wedding gift since she was more familiar using OSX from college and it wasn’t too bad and I kind of liked it. I have used many different OS almost every version of windows ranging from 3.x through 2k3 and I do run Vista on my PC which runs just fine. I personally can't find why Safari is any good. I found it very clunky to use and a lot of websites I can't visit due to the lack of expandability (This may have been fixed but my mind is made up Safari is dead to me). Also why is iLIfe a selling point for Mac? I found all those type of programs bundled into WinXP, and they don't spontaneously close on me. Yes I found that iLife is very buggy. The new OSX Leopard has 300+ new features some I would really like to try but many I think are retarded for example grammar check, are you serious that is a new feature? Didn't Office 97 have that? Another feature was a dictionary, holy crap now I don't have to open a web browser to find a word damn that saves a boat load of time. Any little change they did to the previous version they list no matter how minute it maybe so you can believe they overhauled the whole damn thing just to get you to buy it. Now no way I am proponent for Microsoft, I hate all computers evenly, but you do have to face the music they won’t go away. My work computer (HPUX) has never stalled on me, maybe for the only reason I only have to programs installed. Software makes the OS no matter what platform it is on. So to all you Mac haters, and Windows haters alike shut up.
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