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  • Sep 20, 2006
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  • If you like the NYTimes app, you'll love the website even better. More up to date, provides access to more content (including Times blogs), and the ability to email articles. Also, the Bookshelf app is far superior to eReader, which will apparently not allow you to upload your own content, only that which you purchase from them.
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    11 Top Free Apps for your iPod Touch
  • Spelling guidelines for dummies... - chartreuse (thanks to scott122) - distributor - nacelles - people But seriously, atmosphere/background lighting (think the RAZR keyboard) is one of the hot new areas in design, as is the use of wood trim for larger electronics. And anodized aluminum with a dark gray tint (e.g. "gunmetal") is equally sexy. That being said, a brown Zune appears to be impossible to accessorize, which should be one of the goals of ANY portable electronics device.
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    Guidelines for the Aesthetically Impaired:
  • I concur. I have an old Mini Cooper--just out of the restoration shop--and bought a Shuffle to listen to music in the car. Not only does protection seem superfluous, but I realized that listening to an MP3 player without a display is like listening, radio. I don't miss seeing song titles, because plain ol' FM doesn't do that either.
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    My Shuffle Doesn't Need Protecting
  • Actually, the big problem with the XP counterpart--Files and Transfer Settings--is that it does NOT transfer applications. Only basic settings, fonts, etc; in other words, new PC=time to reinstall everything. And, yes, I admit, I'm a longtime XP user (although I do own an iPod as well as several Newtons).
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    Switching Macs