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  • The problem is really that Apple's high-handedness has started to be directed to consumers. I would suggest the lack of developer kit is not the be-all, end-all problem that it seems to be in the blogosphere where developers definitely have a louder voice, but rather it is the consumer unfriendly moves, like the video-authentication chip, the bricking of phones, the incompatible accessories that are really reflecting on an Apple that has decided its consumers are there to pad the bottom line. Why is it, for example, that Radiohead is offering DRM free, name your own price MP3s and Apple is not? The revenue streams they are collecting have made them greedy and short-sighted, and they are losing the astonishing goodwill they had built up at a steadily increasing rate.
  • Would it have been so hard to have an iPod touch with an HD and then transition it to flash storage later as prices come down? I don't really think so. I think the product matrix is just a bit of a mess. Why would rentals affect storage space, if I have 16gb, I would just toss on a movie every so often and watch it, I hardly need to carry every single rental with me.
  • I agree fully, Apple's product line is ridiculously confused. They iPod touch and new nano are ridiculous as two products. They should have just made a smaller touch with a 2.5" screen and discontinued the other body style- voila! the new iPod nano. Oh and nike+ compatibility built-in, without the stupid dongle. The iPod touch should have a hard drive and 160gb. Instead you have to choose either screen size or storage space, and whichever you choose you are compromising on something. Every single person who buys a "classic" will be wishing for the larger screen, and would be willing to pay for it with the thickness of the hard drive. The shuffle needs nike+ compatibility as well, add a HRM, and Apple will own the running market.
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    The New iPods are Confusing
  • Actually ports on the back are much neater than the side. And not having ports on both sides would also be nicer, since then you don't have cords coming out of everywhere. The sleep light on the MBP is so ridiculously bright, that I can't leave it on my nightstand when going to bed, because it goes right through my eyelids! Dell's are ugly pieces of crap, no question, but there are some things that Apple doesn't do quite right either.
  • Coverflow really is not that big of a deal in itself, but if you look at what the merging of iTunes and the Finder could be, then you start to see what might happen. The Finder is essentially a way to organize files via a limited set of metadata. iTunes organizes a subset of these files with an expanded set of metadata. iPhoto? Same as iTunes. So imagine if extensible metadata is built into the Finder directly. iTunes? not needed. iPhoto? not needed for organizing, just for image editing. XFS provides the perfect opportunity to do this. Imagine just setting a smart folder that has your MP3 files and is set to browse music via artist, album, etc.... With an integrated preview/player, and the ability to organize properly, this is basically what you have in iTunes. That is basically how I see the finder going in the 10.5 iterations, more metadata added to the finder, mimicking the iTunes interface, and the slow phase out of specialty organizing apps like iPhoto and iTunes.
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    Cover Flow is Pretty, but Fairly Useless
  • Universal Music- can anyone say the disaster that is Sony. Creates huge conflicts of interest and would end up co-opting parts of Apple into the RIAA. Apple should be trying to kill Universal by getting into distribution directly. Adobe- this would be a smart acquisition just for Photoshop and InDesign (Pages Pro). Sun- a long dying company that has nothing to offer anymore. Pixar- a better acquisition than Universal if they want to show how to distribute in the new digital age, less baggage. Novell- this might be really interesting. Apple's software really lacks in business integration and Novell still has name cachet. Not sure about their technology any more though. Palm, Real, and Tivo- pure junk plays and I love Tivo. I would argue that Apple should make several plays: Adobe would be an excellent acquisition. However, a 2nd/3rd tier consumer electronics manufacturer like BenQ or even parts of LG would be a better move by providing their own manufacturing capabilities and provide expertise in consumer electronics. Plasma, projectors, stereo components... Actually Apple should buy Sonos for spare change and rename it the iPod Stereo.
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    Who Apple Should Buy With Their $7 Billion