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  • May 10, 2007
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  • I've never read anything by the other two guys but I have to agree on Dvorak and partially agree on Thurrott. Dvorak is an idiot and Thurrott comes up with things that are not accurate sometimes. But come on, Thurrott writes for WinInfo, Super Site for Windows, Windows Weekly, etc. What do you expect? I can't say I've seen a lot of posts here praising Microsoft, nor would I expect to on APPLE Matters. And really, this post is no less a linkbait article than the stuff these guys write. Plus, you're giving them even more links by including the links to their articles in this post. At least put a "nofollow" tag on them so they don't get even more credibility in the eyes of the search engines.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • Whether they like it or not, these big music companies are eventually going to have to realize that they're either going to have to change to meet market demands or they're going to be out of business in another few years. The market demand is what is going to drive the future of this business, not their pathetic attempts to control technology. I don't resent being called a thief, I just think these guys are either stupid or so blind to reality that they make these asinine comments. I own over 800 CD's, most of which are loaded on my iPod. I've bought music through iTMS and it's on my iPod. The only thieves here seem to be Microsoft and Universal - they're stealing from the legitimate users. Like so many others have said, this just gives Zune users justification to go and steal Universal music - after all, they've already paid to do so. If Apple sticks to its guns, the day may come when I won't buy anything from any other company. Let's see, so far Microsoft, Universal and Sony are on my blacklist... who's next?
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    Universal Calls MP3 Users Thieves