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  • Sep 10, 2008
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  • I want to love MobileMe. I have been a .Mac subscriber for years. The unfortunately incompetent reps on the support chat keep saying it is a connection issue on my end. No, it is not. Also, this weekend, over 100 emails disappeared from my inbox spontaneously. I did not delete them. In fact, I have items in my trash folder from that morning. Apple is spread too thin. They do not have the staff to diagnose and take care of the issues. In addition, the power port on my MacBook Air that I purchased in April shorts out the power cord after a few days. After going through 4 power cords, Apple wanted to repair it. They did not actually listen to what was the problem, so the battery was replaced and everything else you could think of was done. After 3 tries, I think it might actually be fixed. I think they have so much going on that they are unable to take on repairs and service. I am still an Apple fan, but something has to give.
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    5 Ways to Take MobileMe To the Next Level
  • Agreed. The Apple store also needs a wishlist.
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    iPhone: First Impressions from Australia
  • Agreed. For example, I have a broadband wireless account with Verizon (my contract expires October 22, 2008) that requires me to pay about $60/month for services that are practically not usable. For my trial period of two weeks in October 2006, my PC card ran about as fast as my DSL connection, perhaps on occasion a bit slower. However, once my trial period expired, the speed was reduced to something perhaps slower than dial-up. This is not an exaggeration. After perhaps 70 hours (again no exaggeration) of customer/technical support, the issues continue. I can barely send email, it takes 5-10 minutes to download a 2 minute YouTube video, if the download is even successful. The new iPhone firmware has yet to download successfully (after tying up my bandwidth for upwards of 5 hours on each occasion). Pulling up an email can take 2-3 minutes, even if it is a short email with no extraneous content. Essentially this is highway robbery. However, I would be at fault if I broke contract. Needless to say, I shall be canceling my service on October 23rd. Why would Americans put up with this?
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    On America, Cellphones and American Telecom Carriers
  • I have a 160GB iPod Classic. Unfortunately, now that I have an iPhone, it is not really acceptable for video. I will continue to use the classic until my iPhone (first generation, the best thing I have ever purchased in my life) has equal or grater capacity.
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    Does the iPod Matter Anymore?
  • I love it!! Except for one thing. The trackpad is on the wrong side of the keyboard. Other than that, it is perfect! Please patent it.
  • I -love- my PowerMac G5. While it is nearly five years old, it performs like some race car metaphor that is over my head. I use it for Photoshop and for storing all of my music (pretty soon I will fill up my iPod Classic 160GB), my photos, and my video (there is a lot). I will probably use it forever. The only thing is that, when I bought it, I maxed the hard drive. Who knew that I would need more memory?
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    June 23, 2003: Apple Introduces the G5
  • I meant "on" something that is functional, not "or."
  • I do not see how the XP/Vista comparison is relevant. If Snow Leopard makes improvements to my system and my everyday tasks, I will pay $129. I am willing to invest in things that work, even if they cost more, because my time and lack of frustration is worth it to me. That is why I purchase Apple products. My ten year old godson said to me that I always have the coolest and best stuff (referring to my Macs, iPhone, iPods, and such, and he is dying for a Mac), and his little sister agreed. My response was why should I spend money if I am not getting what I want, or something that is functional and just works. I work hard; I am worth whatever premium I pay on the front end. It will always pay off over the long term.
  • Hadley, If you force yourself to use it for all of your emails for 2 weeks, I would be very surprised if you felt this way after that time. I was really annoyed by the on-screen keyboard at first, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I can type nearly as fast on the iPhone keyboard as I can on a computer. The practice was really worth it for me, and I now type medium to medium longish emails on my iPhone regularly.
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    iPhone 2.0: Part One, A Physical Keyboard
  • Stylish? I felt it was clunky and too boxy. I was excited to hear that Apple was going to release a sound system for the iPod. Unfortunately, this does not look or act like an Apple product to me. I am not ashamed to admit that things like "pretty" (the former iMac, for example) and "sexy" (the new iMac) factor into my decision to purchase a product, especially from a company that sets such high standards, like Apple. I would very much like to see a pretty or sexy iPod HiFi that is smaller, with a radio, and potentially streaming.
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    The iPod Hi-Fi - It's a Swing, and A Miss!
  • I have to say that I am quite happy with the touch screen for chats and medium length emails. I find it to be responsive and not annoying. I also find that I am more likely to carry it everywhere with me (unlike with a cell phone), even around the house (I'll admit that my bedroom and office are on the third floor of my home).
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    So, I'm Trying Not to Hate the New iPhone Commercials
  • MacKen, make that a 120GB iPhone, or 200GB iPhone, and I will be happy (with my roughly 160GB of content).
  • Bluegirl, why is M$ to blame if your CM system crashes? pecosbill, I don't think I said he was. I meant, and I apologize for being unclear, that Windows crashes. And the CM does, too, but much of that is a result of Windows crashing.
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • With regard to NeoOffice, I did check to see if I downloaded PowerPC, and I did. Is it time for me to try again? I believe the last time I attempted to use NeoOffice was in July.
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • I don't know. I recently typed a long email on my iPhone and text rather long messages, and I have to say, I prefer the virtual keyboard to an actual small keyboard with keys. The more I use my iPhone, the faster I get, and the more comfortable it gets to use it for "real" typing. Perhaps I am a minority.
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    The Future Of Mobile Interfaces And Apple