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  • Jun 07, 2011
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  • ...are you saying the move from OS9 to OSX was insignificant?
    I find it to be insignificant. Perhaps in the Mac world it was significant at the time of the change, but compared to everywhere else, not so much. OS X is based on UNIX, which is 30+ years old.
    chigh had this to say on Jul 27, 2007 Posts: 7
    Are Today's Operating Systems Behind the Times?
  • When issing the rm -rf command make sure you not only use "*", but in addition use ".*". Using "*" or "*.*" doesn't get everyhing. rm -rf * .* You absoliutely don't want to leave anything behind. ;-)
    chigh had this to say on Apr 11, 2007 Posts: 7
    And They Said the Mac Was Intuitive
  • I moved away from TB to It's not perfect, but the feature-set of and the plugins I use (MailTags) make it so much better. The only things for I ask for are fixes in IMAP support. The main one being showing as new, mail which has already been read. The other which is being able to subscribe and unsubscribe to folders. Entourage had a tendancy for the data files to get quite bloated, even when cleaning them up, compressing them, etc (The util which opens when you hold down option as you open Entourage). I'm glad doesn't have NNTP functionality. It's a mail client and that's all I want, mail. If I want NNTP, I'll open up my Unison.
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    Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Thunderbird
  • I moved from TB to only a few months ago because of the lack of support for Apple's Address Book. If I didn't use the default iCal and Address Book for a lot of what I do, I would consider moving back. I do not like having multiple copies of the same information.
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    AAM: Migrating from Mail 2.0 to Thunderbird 1.5
  • I can see your point. And turn the tables... What if a die-hard Windows user were forced to choose between a Mac with an Internet connection and a PC without? Which would they choose? I, however, disagree with your point "the OS is dead". Without an OS (of any form), the Internet doesn't exist.
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    Wherein John Gruber Picks Windows
  • I thought April Fools was almost a week ago.
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    Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea
  • I recently purchased a Mini for my parents to replace their aging PC. The phone has been silent when it comes to support calls. I'm loving it. I set up their machine so I could remote manage it and I couldn't ask for a better situation.
    chigh had this to say on Apr 05, 2006 Posts: 7
    Setting Up Your Parents On A Mac