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  • Very timely article, Bakari! I've just spent a week away and took both my iPad and my MacBook Pro. I wasn't intending to use the MBP, as it was meant to be a holiday. However, I had to do some important updates to a plugin I'd developed and, even though I have an external keyboard for the iPad, it is no match for the MBP when it comes to that type of use. Cutting and pasting, switching apps... too much effort on an iPad compared to the MBP. So I came home thinking *for me* it's time to retire the iPad. I'd then get a freakin huge iMac (27" etc) and a MacBook Air or a netbook (with Linux on it probably) for when I'm away from the desk. My iPhoen will still be there to satisfy my need for DiceMatch and some other games. So, for my usage, I've made the decision the Air would be better for me. Altho I've still then got to decide if I can justify it over a netbook, given it really will just light duties. Look forward though to what other folks' thoughts on our question.
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    MacBook Air or iPad: Which Should You Buy?
  • Well said, Hadley. (and Parky) FireFox is a great case in point. Certainly a great application, but on the Mac, it's not a proper native Mac app, so doesn't take advantage of everything OS X offers apps. Such as the dictionary - man I miss that every time I'm in FireFox. Plus many services (all?) And if an app is crappy or buggy, who did users blame? Usually they blame the device. I know Apple just wants to shore (sure?) up its own kingdom, but this is one battle I want them to win. Because worse than Apple having a restricted platform is Adobe owning the rich content creation on the web. We've got to keep the web free of proprietary standards.
  • The argument about lack of hacking is a joke. The iPhone is hacked to death. If you want to be a hacker on the iPhone, Jailbreak it!! Ditto the iPad. The one things a hacker loves more than anything is a challenge, and the locked iPhone platform has been a hacker's dream. The real reason geeks hate the iPad is because it's a threat to their Kingdom of Technobabble. They are going to lose the god-like status because anyone will be able to use the iPad.
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    Attention Geeks: The iPad Is Not a Threat
  • I liked NNW 1 for the iPhone. NNW 2 was abysmal. They took a great app and destroyed it. And I'm not alone. It's rating on the app store fell from about 4 to 1.5. There was a torrent of criticism of it. Hopefully they've listened and the iPad one will be usable.
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    NetNewsWire for the iPad
  • I've done an awful lot of reading on my iPhone, including three novels and several technical books. Never had any eyestrain problems. Agree with others, a 16:9 screen would have made a strangely shaped device. I'll take the black bars.
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    Why I'm Not Buying an iPad (and Why Maybe You Should)
  • I'd argue what you both touched on. It's the software, or more correctly, developer support. MS won via DOS then Windows because of the massive developer support. And the people go where the developers go. This is where the iPad has a distinct advantage over everything else, even Windows Mobile. The iPad already has massive developer support. And those developers will build "must-have" apps for the iPad long before other platforms. The iPad is here and now - you can already buy over 100,000 apps for it, everything else is playing catch up, everything else is way off in the future. But catch up is really hard when people have already committed their cash to another platform, in tis case the iPhone and soon the iPad.
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    Worrying about the iPad Imitators? Don't
  • I really like the way Aperture and Lightroom let you add keywords on import. It bugs me that iPhoto doesn't, and so I have zillions of untagged images in iPhoto. I will probably continue to use iPhoto for my personal photos, though. Although, A3's easy switch between libraries does make it a little more tempting to switch personal pics to it.
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    First Look: Aperture 3.0 Released
  • I'd looked at Aperture and Lightroom a few months ago and decided on Lightroom, mainly because of the presets. So for this to be included now has got me thinking again. (I'm still using the Lightroom beta) I've been testing Aperture 3 since it came out and am generally quite happy. However, it was much much slower than Lightroom. Part of that is because it continually updates the image's thumbnail. But you can turn that off, and I did. I also turned off Faces and Places. I can't see how Faces is overly useful to professional photographers. It seems to be more suited to consumers who are taking pictures of the same people again and again. Maybe wedding photographers might find it speeds things up. Other things I like are the ability to click on Master to quickly compare changes; the layout I find more user friendly than Lightroom; the sharpening is sensational - I tried the same image in Aperture and Lightroom and I got much better results in Aperture with with much less effort; It'll great once the community starts feeding back presets as happens with Lightroom. I expect I will switch to Aperture. That sharpening experience was significant and I was generally more comfortable with it.
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    First Look: Aperture 3.0 Released
  • It'll be interesting, Greg. One thing that annoys me about the iPhone's photo management is... you can't! e.g. You can't setup folders and move your camera photos to them. If the iPad uses the same photo management... Hopefully though Apple will release iPhoto for the iPad - sooner, rather than later.
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad
  • lol How to get your idea canned in 3 seconds at Apple: "But everyone is doing it... It's a standard..." Also, i've been amazed how little kids, even toddlers, adapt so quickly to my iPhone's games. It's just so intuitive for them to touch things.
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad
  • "Are you going to need an accessory for everything? " Indeed, this is a real worry. And all needing an expensive Apple-proprietary dongle. Will we end up with a pocketful of dongles? Could easily be solved by simply having a USB-port or two so we could connect devices directly.
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad
  • No, Beeb, Apple's thought of everything. You buy a Camera Connection Kit which includes and SD card reader you plug into your iPad. Of course, you won't be able to dock the iPad or charge it when you are uploading photos... and you will have to pay for that feature...
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad
  • The iPad is going to be a killer in gaming. All those gamers who turned their noses up at it because they already have an iPod touch and an XBox, will sell both if that's what it takes them to get an iPad. The iPad will offer interface experiences never possible on any other gaming device before. Because of... multi-touch on a large screen. All gaming platforms are single touch. i.e. A mouse, or joystick or wave-around thing can only interface with one element at a time. iPad will change all that. You will be able to have multiple character control, multiple interface access points etc. Gamers are going to wet themselves with excitement once they see what can done. For example, imagine playing doubles tennis and being able to control both your players simultaneously. And your buddy on the other end of the iPad controlling both his too. Or football or basketball where you grab multiple characters at once and drag them over to block the ball carrier. Or manipulating one player down the court or field to receive a pass, while still controlling the ball carrier. Or maybe a flight sim where you can flick various switches with one hand while still piloting with the other. Or strategy games, like Civ, where you can work with multiple characters or places at once. e.g. drag this settler over here whilst also dragging this explorer over there. Multi-touch on the larger screen witll bring an unprecedented flexibility and speed of your interaction with games. And after you've tried it, who'd go back? It's like trying to play golf on a Playstation with buttons and toggles after playing it on a Wii. There's just no comparison. Ultimately the iPad may not dominate, as the Nintendos, Sonys and Microsofts get on board with their own devices, but it certainly will start a new gaming revolution.
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad
  • Thanks, Robo. I ran out of jokes. :) The new guys are doing good though.
  • There is another interesting thing to consider about the iPad: It is in no way user upgradeable or repairable. VCRs, DVDs, HiFis, TVs etc etc are sealed devices. Apple is trying to move computer users to the same acceptance. How will that sit with people used to adding memory and storage space to their computers? When 16/32/64GB is not enough and they have to buy a whole new unit to go up to the next size, will they? Or will they look at the Google alternative which is bound to offer some upgradeability, even if only via SD card. Or will they already be committed to the AppStore ecosytem?