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  • Dec 24, 2008
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  • You seem to know itunes better than Apple. Why don't you apply for CEO, then you can name the product in any way you like: izune, ivista, i7 anything...
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    Why iTunes is So Hard to Beat
  • So, the iphone killer is going to be open source projects? Nice dream, but it's time to land... Android might be a Symbian killer, iphone is already light years ahead, with no competition. At this moment there are some companies like Samsung trying to replicate its form factor, but there is no way they can compete with the phone, which is just a part of the device: remember that buying an iphone you also get an ipod and a desktop performance browser. Even if someone finally manages a usable browser in android, there's just nothing he can do to compete against ipod and itunes. Good luck with android, but no iphone killer here
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    iPhone: Death by Android?
  • Maybe the best of all: Bloomberg app, for total mobile portfolio monitoring
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    11 Top Free Apps for your iPod Touch
  • Yes, but to do this first you need to have an account in the US itunes. To have an account there, it means that you must be a US resident. Otherwise you break the ULA. No, this is not the proper way: I don't intend to break the law to pay for a service :p. Consumerism should have some limitations. They should finally resolve the situation with Europe and the rest of the World once and for all, if they truly want apple TV to succeed. Incidentally, in Europe I don't think there is a netflix or netflix like service, so there is a lot less competition. Also, posts work a little different in Greece at least (I dunno for the rest of europe). As far as I know, in USA all you need do is place your mail for pickup in that mailbox of yours. In Europe we still need to to the local shop, which is out of the question for some, or use some dropboxes, which also present further limitations as to how many dvds you can put in one of them.
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    1080P, AKA Apple TV's Downfall
  • The problem of it being "HD ready" or "True HD" is only minor. I live in Europe and up till now, it seems that Rights and Lows in Europe forbids the usage of itunes movies here. I wouldn't mind at all if I could watch every movie I chose @ 720p. The simplicity this action involves is amazing. But, if you take a look in itunes stores in other countries in Europe, you will notice the complete absence of movies!!! Some only have video clips and thats all they have!. Some countries don't even have movie video clips!!! So for us, this is the real problem and not 1080p, which is not yet ready for streaming...
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    1080P, AKA Apple TV's Downfall