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  • Jun 14, 2010
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  • I so extremely excited when I heard the iPhone 3G announcing the phone was going on sale for $99! I rushed into the store in Pentagon City Mall, VA and was pretty much degraded for not wanting the new 4G phone. I asked if the 3G was available and was told that they are no longer selling it and I really wanted the 4G. No, I wanted the phone that was on sale for $99. I asked if he could call and see if we could locate one since my daughter's graduation was in a few days. He told me to call the number myself. I told him that apparently, I needed to go online for help in the store...so I accessed the apple website IN THE STORE to get the information I needed and found out that the 3G pre order was starting on June 15th. He seemed annoyed when I found the information. I explained that I really wanted the 3G phone that was on sale. I will never step foot inside an Apple store again...it was the worst experience ever! On a good note....Since I wanted to give my daughter something in her card for graduation...I visited the AT&T;store and they had a gift card and iPhone sleeve which was exactly what I wanted for her big day. The AT&T;representative was very helpful and asked me to come back with any questions I may have about the iPhone. She also reminded me of the date to pre-order the iPhone. Excellent customer service..and I was planning on switching carriers...until I had that experience! My daughter needs a MAC for college- she is a visual artist-I am buying it through the online store...I told her to NEVER step into the gates of hell formally known as THE APPLE STORE.