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  • Oct 23, 2006
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  • I for one will be very dissapointed if these "top secret" features end up being purely cosmetic and I'll be down right pissed if it was all just a marketing ploy. I hope that in about 2 weeks we get the NAB presentation and one other special event. I just believe steve would lay something that big on us and then not deliver. If they cant get those features ready, just delay the release a little longer. I'll wait if its worth it.
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    What If There Are No Top Secret Features in Leopard?
  • Ok I understand that OS9 was a big deal but how is it bigger than the iPod being released on this date? I defintely think this article should have been about the iPod being released instead of OS9 being released.
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    October 23, 1999: Mac OS 9 Released