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  • I think this article presents and interesting and very plausible possibility. And in my case, its dead on as this is exactly what happened to me. I purchased my Mac Book Pro at the end of last year in an effort to generate a last minute business expense. I also needed a new laptop at the time and being a micro ISV I was curious about developing software for Mac OS. However, thanks to Boot Camp, I find that I mainly use the laptop running in Vista; especially if I'm on-site at a client's office. Occasionally I'll use Parallels or VMWare from inside Mac OS if I don't need to launch anything heavy. However, since I'm mainly running Visual Studio or SQL Server I usually have to dual boot and run Vista un-virtualized. As a result, I find that I hardly ever use the laptop in its native Mac OS X environment.
    ejstembler had this to say on Sep 17, 2007 Posts: 3
    Parallels and VMware Are Gateway Drugs to Windows
  • I agree, Leopard is a major letdown. Especially with all of the mudslinging and over-hyping Jobs did last year. I think John is drinking too much kool-aid ($$).
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    The Coming Leopard Letdown
  • I could not agree more! As a software architect and power user, I find that I'm often asking myself why aren't Operating Systems, or the software they run, better. I think the majority of the time, the answer is due to a far-reaching legacy constraints. For instance, many systems were designed with now antiquated technologies or techniques. Business requirements like backwards compatibility only make the situation worse. It’s too bad that initiatives like Taligent or BeOS failed. Software is complex and making economically successful software is difficult. However, someone really needs to design a new system from the ground up using modern-day technologies and techniques. You can use virtualization for backwards compatibility.
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    Are Today's Operating Systems Behind the Times?