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  • Oct 30, 2007
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  • Yes, Lord Arawan is right. I can't believe a writer for a semi-serious publication could have a melt-down about something like this. Welcome to, Especially life on the cutting edge. This is such a 1st World problem you are up at arms about, it's hard to take you seriously.
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    Thanks Apple for the $200 bitch-slap
  • Who deletes *any* folder without first looking inside it or doing a get info just to check the size? Especially one called "Usr". So you made a silly mistake working in haste, and that could probably happen to any of us - but to blame the OS or even on a 3rd party app? It's a good cautionary tale. But I still can't find the connection between your mistake and the intuitiveness or lack there of in OS X.
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    And They Said the Mac Was Intuitive
  • I agree with tutru. This is arguably tantamount to undertaking a review of Firefox .07 Since the Virtue project has taken over the development of DM's codebase, and in addition to making regular releases, has even managed to make universal, it would have been a better choice for review. Alas, it's up to you what you review, of course. But no mention of Virtue at all seems like a misstep or lack of research given the circumstances. Virtue is not a competing is the product. Just developed.
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    Review: Desktop Manager
  • "...utter disregard to foreign cultures..." Don't forget love of satire.
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    The Apple Store - No Place for Kids