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  • Videophone - Actually this will be increasing popular before you realise it. My company will be working on creating a national videophone relay system in the UK for the Deaf that use sign language. Such systems are already available in the USA as far as I am aware. Videophones are perfect for Deaf people whose first language isn't a spoken one but a visual language such as ASL (American Sign Language) or BSL (British Sign Language). With the number of deaf people using videophones and their families seeing it will get it. From there, hearing people will see it and want it themselves... Add to that falling prices or broadband (or increasing speed)... Plus talking to someone will be more personal because you are able to see them and you'll soon shurn your phone in favour of videophones (unless you're looking worse for wear or you're phoning in sick for work ;-))
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    Apple To Port More Apps To Windows? NEVER!