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  • Jan 03, 2008
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  • You are correct that the Linux numbers could be viewed (and viewed [i]correctly[/i], I might add) from two different viewpoints. Yes, the share percentage is rather small for desktop/browser usage. I, as a Linux user fully accept this, and I have no problem with it staying below 1% as long as Linux suits my needs. However, desktop usage is just a portion of what Linux is used for, as some home servers (even commercial NAS devices) use Linux, and Linux thrives well in the server market. As an OS, Linux is hardly insignificant. However, the part that prompted me to register and post a comment is this: "[i]Linux has obviously not been helped at all by the Mac’s resurgence[/i]". I am not sure how you correlated these together. I think that you just assumed that since "Fact A" exists and "Fact B" also exists, then "A" obviously has not been helped by "B". I fail to see what analysis you have done to make this conclusion. I might propose a more reasoned (and equally un-researched) statement that since the increased acceptance of OS X as a viable alternative OS to the Microsoft dominance, that people are increasingly aware that alternative OSes can also "do the job" in many cases. And, Linux, requiring no additional expense for 90-some percent of users, is likewise more accepted as a possibility that can be explored.
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    Apple is Killing Linux on the Desktop