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  • I think irrelevant is the right word. Microsoft won't go away. They have plenty of money in the bank so they will stick around, but it'll be a while before they are once again showing off fantastic innovative things. Your last line about desktop PC and it's imminent morphing into something else deserved further articles. That's the trend that is going to shape the next 4-5 years of the "personal computing" industry.
    mcloki had this to say on Oct 07, 2009 Posts: 25
    Microsoft: Irrelevancy Comes from Mobility
  • As far as being illegal. I'm always reminded that laws change. And this one will in time. It was once illegal to move your songs from iTunes or play it on anyhing but an iPod. But due to pressure and time. All music has lost those restrictions. The same will occur with OSX and iPhone Carrier Contracts and exclusive Music releases at certain retailers. These are just momentary marketing distortions. They will end.
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    Are Hackintoshes Illegal?
  • Why have a Macworld in a Physical location when Apple can post a Macworld Keynote on iTunes and everyone with an Iphone, iTouch or iMac can download it and watch it. Macworld ceasing to be a physical event is a by-product of digital technology. The same technology that had people gather there for the last 10 years. Strangely odd, that the reason everyone gathered annually for Macworld, the wonderful tech, was, ultimately, the demise of the annual gathering.
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    Apple Fans asking too much from Macworld
  • No Way. His OLPC comments are directly related to Linux bashing and arrogance in the Computer industry. I find them very funny. And rather enlightening. I think he's going too far on the political side. I like the political stuff when he's directly involved. Think of FSJ as the "jester" of the internet. Pulling the beard of all the high and mighty. I don't think he's making fun of the OLPC but rather "Old Saint Nick". FSJ has a way of cutting through the "detritus" of a situation rather succinctly and summing it up in a nice "quotable" quote. His summation of the MS-Yahoo merger being spot on. And I believe that if you find the humour a bit too biting, it may be because you may sympathize or believe the targets of those comments.
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    Enough is enough, Mr Lyons. Stop the pretense already.
  • And now I'm German
  • wiki server on Leopard server is pretty new to me. I mean I was excited about ical server but wiki server fills a need I have right now. ZDF is pretty big news. If reports of a faster finder are correct thats great. I believe that this article is a bit premature and expecting a few hits. Mission accomplished.
  • Guys this hasn't screwed you the handful of the 750,000 that actually bought an iPhone. It really screws Apple. The next time they come out with a product people are not going to go out and immediately run out and get that product. They will wait. And waiting is bad for business. This hurts new Apple product launches from now on. It just hurt under 750,000 for 200 hundred bucks. Most of which they could afford to do.
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    Thanks Apple for the $200 bitch-slap
  • When Apple wants to sell Macs, they will. Right now they don't want to sell a large quantity of macs, I Know it sounds dumb, but all evidence points to them not wanting to sell a large quantity of macs. The price is still relatively high or high end. They have no real plan for enterprise or corporate sales. Sales are made mainly through online or specialty retailers. Everyone can see the barriers to owning a Mac. Apples smart they see they too, They just choose to ignore them.
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    How iTunes is Paving the Way For Switchers
  • Please tell me there's a PS3 version of this. I'd buy it in heartbeat.
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    Mac to Xbox 360 with Connect 360
  • The fact is that there is not a short supply of engineers that can make the Mac great. There are plenty of them. The best and the brightest are going to want to work at Apple. What engineer wants to go work on the Dell DJ Ditty? The core of Apple isn't a product, it's an idea. Make technology easy to use. That's why they've been able to survive and will always survive. I knew it instinctively in 1987 when I started working on the Plus and it's been reinforced ever since. Even bad stewardship in the early 90's couldn't dilute that promise. Apple does the hard thinking on making things easier to use. Hence the one button mouse. You reap the benefits.
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    iPhone and the Mac's Slow Slog Towards iDeath
  • if that's the case then expect over the next little while to see new VP's show up in charge of different departments. That will signal the areas Apple will be going into. I'd expect HDTV's to be a natural extension. I'd also expect The Summer/Septemer Macworld to grow in importance since Apple could launch a few products just in time for the Holiday season. Update all the computers, launch new HDTV monitors, update software, new ipod bundles, New iPhone configurations, iDVR, ICameras and have them ready for Black Friday. Use the January Keynote to launch completely new things, OS updates. Their retail store look like a brilliant move since now they can expand the locations to all consumer products they sell. Mental note to self buy stock.
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    The Biggest Deal About Macworld was the Name Change
  • Too early for the hand ringing. The ipod was too expensive when it first came out as well. Remember all the pundits then. Now there's a $89 shuffle. i expect the same evolution with the iPhone as well. This thing is awesome. Just awesome. And with OSX as it's base. Who knows where the developer community will take this thing.
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    iPhone Reaction: Slick but Unwanted?
  • Price isn't an issue, but availability is. Businesses need machines TODAY. Even after going to Intel Apple still can't deliver a machine next day. Add a little bit of BTO and it tacks two weeks onto the delivery. not acceptable for business. It's logistics that make Dell better than Apple. Only the truly dedicated buy Apple computers because they put up with the wait. I also don't know how much support Apple gives to the enterprise. IT People walking around with MSCE certificates aren't likely to recommend Macs.
    mcloki had this to say on Aug 30, 2006 Posts: 25
    What If Apple Did Sell Macs with Windows Pre-installed?
  • I agree with John on the splitting up of Microsoft. But into Three divisions. Operating systems, Office and games companies. It would really unlock the stocks potential
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    Should Bill Kill Windows?
  • The AutoCAD reference affects only a very small majority of people. And Architects can still use a Mac to do their work, so Apple at least gets a hardware sale out of it. Apple's new desktops certainly should be very interesting. For developers its going to come down to developement environments. If it's easier to program in Windows, then programs will be written for Windows. It's the applications that will make the difference. And from what I see in the Mac shareware and small utilities market some really nice programs a re being made for OSX
    mcloki had this to say on Apr 06, 2006 Posts: 25
    Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea