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  • Sep 13, 2007
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  • dkat: Apple should consider their own users above those over in the Windows camp. If helping Windows users is Apple's main motivation, I believe it to be misguided. Splitting iTunes for both Mac and Windows users would have several positive effects. It would return iTunes to a more graceful, more Mac-like experience. Apple has shown that it wants to slowly introduce Windows users to the Mac experience with projects like Safari for Windows. Splitting iTunes into several apps would only further prepare Windows users for the way things are on a Mac. Finally, why do you think that Windows users seeing Apple exe's all over their hard drive would be a bad thing? It seems to me it would make Windows users more apt to get a Mac once they realized how many Apple apps are in their everyday workflow.
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    Did You Know That iTunes Plays Music?
  • If Microsoft were to go bankrupt, someone would purchase them. Companies with that much name recognition don't just go away.
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    Who Wins if Microsoft Dies