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  • Nov 21, 2006
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  • From the article: "For me, none of this matters. My player is filled with music from CDs that I have bought. I don’t download. It’s not anything against digital download sites, it’s just a matter of personal preference." No disrespect intended, but how exactly does this qualify you to make judgements on this venture or the market climate that spawned it? If you don't use any digital download service, you clearly don't have a practical reason to care about interoperability between various services and players. Many people use online media retailers. But those retailers come and go -- so do DRM schemes and the audio players and/or the software that are compatible with them. Take any one of those things out of the chain and you're left with useless ones and zeroes instead of digital media that you paid for. Interoperability is good for the consumer. Period.
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    Double Twist iTunes Destroyer?