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  • Apple should do it. I've tried a Palm OS device with phone capabilities and I'm currently experimenting with a Java enabled Nokia phone with organizer applications. As far as I can tell the difference between a handheld organizer with phone capabilities and a programmable cell phone is that one has a nearly useless keypad and a touch screen and the other has a completely useless keypad and no touch screen. If someone did a knockout job on the user interface in a portable enough package that synchronized in a hassle free way and that was also an mp3 player they would win big. Its hard for me to believe that Apple isn't thinking about it. If it was an unlocked GSM phone with these properties I would buy one without thinking about it yesterday. I'm just waiting for the announcement.
    oldwhine had this to say on Jul 01, 2003 Posts: 2
    The Case For The iPhone
  • Once Quark 6 is burned in I hope that most Apple users will be able to let go of OS 9. I suppose that there are still some users who haven't found replacements for their primary applications. I suppose there are also some Apple users who are hanging on to OS 9 because they think that it is better than OS X or because they think that OS X is some evil scheme by Apple to get their money or to make their old machines obsolete. While I think that OS 9 was better than most operating systems out there I suspect that Apple had no choice but to introduce a new and even better OS than OS 9. I believe that without OS X Apple would be chapter eleven and we would all be shopping for a WinTel device. Regardless of belief everyone should take OS X for a spin.
    oldwhine had this to say on Jul 01, 2003 Posts: 2
    The Declaration of Independence from OS9