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  • Oct 17, 2005
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  • I think it's funny how people bash iPhoto. The fact is, you plug in pretty much ANY camera you want and it works. And it's great for organization and viewing of photos. I think it's a great program because of that, the crappy HTML tools and all the other trinkets are not really that big of a deal. Anyways, this article isn't about the bugs or errors of iPhoto. Although I doubt there will be additions like the ones mentioned to iLife ..... I think iBrush could be added to iLife, but not likey. The animator program is unlikely for 3D, maybe for 2D, but 3D is really hard to animate easily. A program like that will come in a couple years maybe. My bet it that they'll expand the programs they have. I really think Apple should do something like iTunes for movies. I find it hard to oraganize my movies, Apple could make a killind with a movie organizer/viewer, but I assume that if they make a movie store, that app will not be included in iLife, it'll be a free downlod.
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    What's Next In The iLife Suite?
  • I recently was looking for a new monitor to replace my piece of crap 17" I got at costco. I found that with the educational discount I get brang the price down to 700, which is very reasonable for a 20" good quality display. I ended up getting a 19" samsung monitor/TV which is way cool.
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    Apple Monitors: The Price Problem
  • #4 says that it'll be a simple firmware update for color screen iPods to do video? I doubt so. Linux for iPods have gotten video to work in 4g iPods, but not with sound or color screen models yet... I think that it's doubtful that Apple will put the time into making a new kind of iPod AND making video backwards compatible at the same time.
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    The Video iPod: Watchman 2005?
  • I grew up using most System 7 and Mac OS 8/9. I love Mac OS X, and I'm a deisgner, it's stable and I like the overall feel and design of the OS. But enough about that. It seems that Gregory Ng doesn't have a very convincing argument for System 7.5 being better than OS X. In fact, his whole article is about HIM and how HE finds 7.5 more productive ... I just wasted my time reading an article I expect to make some great comparisons and contrasts between the two OSs, but instead I get a big piece about how he likes it when it crashes 10 times a day, because it did it fast.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • warezdog isn't very smart. 5k for an Apple machine?! HAH. Mac minis are $500 and you can just use your PC monitor and keyboard with it (assuming it's USB). You are predicting Apple's demise much to early, people have been doing that for years and years. As long as Apple keeps it's insanely devoted user base, they will stay afloat for a long time to come. God help Apple if they alienate their devoted fans, but that's doubtful, they've had them for 20 years. I would also like to say that the article said that Windows and OS X have equally bad names, I don't think so. Vista sounds vague and distant. Tiger sounds powerful and percise. Apple has it right. I'm suprised that no one has brought up one of the best things Apple has going for it: the coolness factor. Apple ownes Microsoft in coolness, which is very very important. Look at the iPod. I believe that the iPod was popular because it was 1) simple and easy to use, and 2) it was cool. You'd see celebrities with iPod, not Nomad-piece-of-crap-Jukeboxes. And with all the cool ads that Apple has, they have the branding down to a dime. I predict that Apple will use what it's learned with the iPod to make Macintosh popular.... it'll be harder since the iPod didn't really have any competitors, like the Mac does. But I think with Mac going to Intels, they will be faster and cheaper and that'll boost Apple sales .. I don't know about the corporate empires with their special windows systems, but I think that Apple makes a better product for the common man. In fact I just read a good article from CIO Today about how Apple caters to the comman man better than Microsoft.
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    Can Apple Put a Hurting On Microsoft?