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  • Sep 21, 2005
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  • What Greg hasn't included is the cost of a Goretex jacket. He has allocated $200 for your jacket, you aren't going to get Goretex for that money. You may not want or need Goretex, but that's what the Burton jacket is made of. If you are going to spend all day outside in different kinds of weather (skiing or hiking for example), you *will* want Goretex Another thing about Goretex, it wears like iron, so my 6 year old Goretex jacket looks almost like new. I've been thru several other jackets in that time. Goretex runs $16 a yard, compared with $4-$8 a yard for plain old nylon. Check Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics; [url=http://www.owfinc.com]www.owfinc.com[/url] It's a lot more expensive for the manufacturers to use example: Mountain Hardwear Ethereal FTX Parka - Men's $440.00 áItemá656734 at rei.com. look around, yes you can buy them cheaper, but $400-$450 isn't out of line for a Goretex jacket after which $50 goes towards the "ipodyness" of the whole jacket. sign me up. spenny (I don't work for Goretex or any outdoor store, I just like spending time outside)
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    Is the Burton iPod Jacket worth it?