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  • Oh! I don't know whose fit of anger is more impressive, Zato's or Ben Croshaw's, either way chuckles all around!
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on May 14, 2008 Posts: 70
    iPhone 2.0: Part One, A Physical Keyboard
  • Great to see your back to manual labor, err, Blogging again brah.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Apr 11, 2008 Posts: 70
    Apple Evangelism: Enough Already!
  • I thought the Apple TV only HD rentals were "1080P" in resolution and came in 4-5 Gigs in size. Blu-Ray disk utilize both layers though.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Apr 07, 2008 Posts: 70
    1080P, AKA Apple TV's Downfall
  • The new site design is awesome Hadley!
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Apr 01, 2008 Posts: 70
    Welcome to the New Apple Matters
  • @Chris, not so sure about the keyboard myself since it's pretty hard to get ahold of one in retail stores. Like I said, I'm waiting for the revamped Spring models, Leopard runs alright on the current Celeron models but once Asus can get Merom chips in there, it should be better.
  • I think part of the charge was for SkyHook Wireless, the driving force behind Locate Me. SkyHook requires a royalty for every device it is sold on, this could be part of that 20 dollar charge.
  • Chris, I agree that the Air and the EEE should never be compared. But I am thinking of getting one especially around April when the newer Merom based models come out to install Leopard on, you can do it now already with Tiger and Leopard. It'd be a great machine for writers and who knows, might even work out great at Macworld or other conventions. But you did miss one thing, the biggest storage size is 8GB, not 4GB.
  • I'm not a car enthusiast and don't really care but I'd say you've missed the point. A car is meant to be driven and is portable in itself, that it can be taken anywhere with relative ease. Same thing with a MacBook Air but for the price it's being positioned as a main computer with secondary or even backup computer specs. It'd be the equivalent of driving a Ferrari branded Van. Sure it's a car but it's not what a real Ferrari is.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Jan 22, 2008 Posts: 70
    Improving the MacBook Air
  • "What you are describing is a super MacBook, or a MacBook Pro lite." Which it very well should be for that price point.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Jan 21, 2008 Posts: 70
    Improving the MacBook Air
  • @zato3, look up the word frugal then come back with a valid argument.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Jan 20, 2008 Posts: 70
    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product
  • "First define the market, then tell me how it meets that market’s needs. It is not a primary computer so any criticism about missing features is misplaced. It is designed to be operated over a wireless network with a primary computer on that network so storage and optical drive limitation criticisms are invalid. It is a self-indulgent luxury item so price criticisms are meaningless. It is designed to appeal to people of means who appreciate the finer things in life and already have a fully functional desktop computer on their wireless network. There are millions of us out there who can afford one or who can get our business or our employer to buy us one. Many of us will get one. I’d say it fits it’s market’s needs quite well." Well sure, it'd be a great secondary computer if Apple wasn't charging so much for it. If that is your only reason for buying a MacBook Air, to enjoy a luxury item then by all means. For the rest of us, we'll take features at a more reasonable price range. "Your also right that it’s ill-featured to be the primary computer for a lot of people." True but the price range sets it too far out to be a reasonable secondary computer.
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Jan 20, 2008 Posts: 70
    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product
  • @someone, price drop after a few months? Ha! I'd sooner expect Apple to actually up the specs before they charge less. Did I mention how thin your wallet will be after purchasing the MacBook Air?
    Tanner Godarzi had this to say on Jan 19, 2008 Posts: 70
    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product
  • @lantzn, I can the workflow will work like this: 1) TV Shows downloads torrent for new episode 2) Transmission takes the torrent and downloads it 3) The finished file is passed off to Visual Hub or Quicktime Pro 4) The converted file is passed off and tagged as a TV Show then given the proper tagging 5) Imported into iTunes
  • @Muddy, these flashed cards are the alternatives some people have to get a more powerful card. The only Mac editions I've seen are usually in the ATi Radeon line, as they have far better support Macs than Nvidia. The reason I went with a flashed card was price. I figured an ATi 9800 would be the bare minimum for what I needed and I did not want to splurge. I checked what nVidia had to offer and the only cards available were the GeForce 6600 and the GeForce 7300/7600. However, the PC versions of the 6XXX and 7XXX series were either far cheaper than what I needed from an ATi Radeon or offered far greater performance at a similar price point. Hence my decision for the flashed GeForce 6200. It's a PC only card but the Firmware can be flashed to be Mac compatible. Not every card can be flashed and it's a real shame, the only thing holding back a GeForce 8800 from a Mac Pro is Firmware and Drivers. So to answer your question: Often times they are desirable when no Mac version of that card exists. My reference to the 6600 was to show that it was the only card of that series to be Mac compatible with no modding whatsoever.
  • @SpinUp, I will be comparing three setups: a 1.25 GHz Mac Mini with an ATi Radeon 9200, a PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz with an ATi Radeon 9700 and this PowerMac with a hacked nVidia Geforce 6200. NVidia only released the higher end 6 series for the PowerMac G5 so you'll have to load a Mac compatible firmware. The great thing is, it's fanless and works great in a G4 Cube. Essentially, it'll be noiseless which I am very eager to try this out, just have to wait for it to arrive.