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  • A stylus? A STYLUS? Are we going back to 1999? Dude, I think your Apple observations are almost always completely off the mark, absurdly so. But you are entertaining, I'll give you that.
  • "Honestly, I haven't noticed any speed improvements in most usage. My MacBook Pro does not feel any faster. However, some tasks clearly are quicker. All the Apple apps definitely open faster than before." You don't notice a speed improvement in most usage, but ALL apple apps are definitely faster. Which is it? Or do you not use apple apps so for you it doesn't matter?
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    Early Thoughts on Snow Leopard
  • Wow, another comical article. I'll give you this, you're consistent.
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    Is Apple Conning Consumers?
  • 1. These are all old arguments. Licensing OSX? Really? You should read daringfireball and you could move beyond these retreaded arguments. 2. Saying 'we' doesn't make your point stronger. You can't speak for 'we'. You can only speak for yourself. Apple's recent track record for success is pretty high. Keeping the number of products reasonable is a part of that. They'll make a tablet pc and a headless mac when it makes sense. At this point it doesn't. There is not enough 'we' to make it viable. 3. According to theappleblog the new macbooks are selling out. Oh the disappointment.
  • P.S. At the very least, in the future you may want to actually have used the product you write about. That would give your writing at least some credibility.
  • Chris: "And ads don’t cost anything to watch, btw. It only costs if you respond to them." Chris later: "I don’t know, but our lives are pretty busy, between working, studying and four kids." Time is money. So yes, watching ads does cost you. "teamryan, I’m sorry you don’t understand blogs. Or opinion pieces." Seriously, could you be more condescending? First, you call anyone zealots that defend apple tv. Then, despite commenters listing their problems with your article, you advise that if one can't take criticism of apple this isn't the site for you. And now I don't understand blogs. You simply can't fathom or even consider that maybe the problem is with your article. I understand blogs. I have a long history participating and creating them. From your description of a blog I will admit that I expect more from a blog than you do, especially one as large as applematters. I expect the writer to be knowledgeable on the subject, for the writer not to insult his audience. From the title your article was little more than a troll for people to disagree with you. i took the bait, that's on me. This is from 43 folders on what makes a good blog: "Blog posts are written, not defecated. They show some level of craft, thinking, and continuity beyond the word count mandated by the Owner of Your Plantation. If a blog has fixed limits on post minimums and maximums? It’s not a blog: it’s a website that hires writers. Which is fine. But, it’s not really a blog." You seem to be happy by simply declaring Apple TV stupid and then getting a discussion as a result. A well crafted, knowledgeable article would have done the same at a higher level. We'll agree to disagree. You're blogging to the lowest common denominator, and it's obviously you're happy at the level. Mission accomplished.
  • "BTW If you don’t want to hear Apple being criticized, try somewhere that only gives you Apple’s view - there’s plenty of Apple websites that toe the line. But at Apple Matters, we are allowed to tell it like we see it " Oh please. Nice straw man. I'm completely ok with apple criticism. I have a ton of complaints about apple. As long as the complaint is backed by quality writing and adequate knowledge, neither of which you provided. You can call anyone that defends the apple tv as zealots, and claim that anyone that doesn't agree with you simply can't take criticism of apple, but those are baseless arguments that amount to nothing; much like your article.
  • Let me get this straight. You wanted a PVR. You write for an Apple website, but had no idea Apple TV wasn't a PVR. When you found out, it because the "stupidest Apple product ever". From reading the article it seems that you've never used an Apple TV, have no idea what it does, yet because it's not a PVR it's the "stupidest Apple product ever". If you read the comments I think you'll find a pattern. Those that knew what it did and bought it for what it did seem genuinely happy. Those that want something else, or don't want to deal with iTunes, wouldn't be. Buying an Apple TV and being unhappy because it's tethered to iTunes, or that it isn't a PVR is like buying a car and wishing it was a boat. Apple TV does exactly what I bought it for very well. Of course, you've already named anyone that defends the Apple TV as an Apple Zealot, which is great for open debate. That's the type thing you normally find at a windows site. Your article is not just stupid, it's drivel. I can't believe Apple Matters let it see the light of day. I guess it's a quota thing, huh?