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  • If Apple did go into the TV market, I think they should focus on LCD instead of Plasma. While Plasma TV's are very popular, LCD is gaining ground and every one knows that Apple does LCD great. Just look at Apple's Cinema displays. I think if Apple made an LCD TV that would incorporate a Mac computer, that it would go over well. I would only buy the TV, however, if it included TiVo type features. In addition, it would be great if the TV would give you extra interactivity through the web. An example would be during a football game where you could bring up statistics at the push of a button. That would bring the TV to more than what it is today, it would make it a true appliance which could be the real center of your entertainment world. The future is limitless, we will just have to see.
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    A(nother) Case For an Apple-Branded Television
  • It very well could be hardware. I know of very few people who have that much trouble out of the box. Apple, as some of you may know, has been having trouble with its hardware. A friends iMac DV fried it's logic board and my iBook is going to Apple to get it's logic board fixed. I am not saying that you have a logic board issue, but the common problem is hardware.
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    Apple, Stop the Crashes Out of The Box
  • I think Apple's big push is elegance and the fact is, the eMac is not elegant. Sure it looks nice to me, but it is not the iMac, which is elegant. Just look at Apple's marketing campaign. If it does not look good, Apple won't sell it. The eMac is dated in looks and that throws Apple's plans out the door. That's my thought anyway!
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    When Good Things Go Unnoticed: The eMac
  • I've applied for a position several times and have gotten no call. I hope I get the job eventually.
  • Like I've said before, Apple needs its own PDA. Imagine OSX portable with a built in 20 gig hard drive. Keep all your MP3's on one device and still keep important X apps on the device. It could feature a built in voice recorder for notes. Then all you'd have to do is sync the iPDA to your mac and transcribe the recording.
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    Forget The ipod mini, I Want An ePod
  • In response to BrianMcTavish: Licensing the software may increase market share but would steal away Apple's bread and butter, hardware. Looking at the companies 1st quarter results, Apple made a killing on the hardware. Even though Apple is still making hardware in your scenario, the company has to compete with the other three hardware manufactures using the OS. Out of the 829,000 macs sold last quarter, only a few would've be Apple. The revenue would not have been as strong and the companies margins would have fallen considerably due to a price war. That said, co-branding is different. Co-branding allows apple to control the hardware and margins. They can control their own destiny by selling their own product with out their name on it. It is not a license to HP to use the technology, it is a license to HP to put their name on the plastic and chrome case. Big difference when it comes down to it.
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    What's Next, An HP G5?
  • The pro card may be an insult to long time mac users, but it might come in handy for those switchers. Which brings me to a question. Can the Mac genius transfer files from a PC to a G5? In that case, a person such as a graphics professional who had never used a Mac might appreciate such a service. When I first got my Mac, it took me a while to figure out where to stick things (I was so used to windows). In windows, I had a separate folder that I created for images. Upon switching, I did not know that iPhoto organized all my Images. Here I was with duplicate folders all with the same images. Deleting the images folder freed up 6 gigs. Currently, the card should be given to all switchers, but for current mac owners, we need more. For example, have an exclusive night just for G5 users, free Photo shop filters, priority service just for G5 users, etc. It's a work in progress that I think will get better with time.
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    Pure Marketing Fluff: The Apple Store Pro Card
  • Tablet PC is only a nitch for the certain client as mentioned above. The fact is, notebooks out sell tablets because they are more conventional to the average user. I have no interest in writing this statement with a stylus. I love to type and I feel more comfortable doing so. With that said... As for Microsoft's new Office. Microcrap can shove it. I bought Office with my iBook and have no interest in upgrading. To tell the truth, the software I use on an almost daily basis is Entourage. I rarely use Word and haven't used Excel or Powerpoint and I've had the Office suit for about two years now. Most of my typing is done using Open Office. I find it easier and does not crash compared to Office. Also, I don't want to give my cash to the devil. I think if Apple came up with something better than Apple Works, I'd buy it and delete office.
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    Tablet Mac Coming Your Way?
  • I think the battle lines of DRM have just been drawn. With Apple, HP, and Real using AAC and with the others using Windows Media, this is reminiscent of the browser wars. The winner will be who becomes more adaptable and the Apple/HP deal is the step in the right direction. The only question is, how much will this affect the bottom line of Apple? We shall see, I guess.
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    What's Next, An HP G5?
  • How come the new iLife apps aren't free? I'd gladly pay for GarageBand but not for iPhoto and iMovie. Even though it's not listed on the sight, the apps are sold for $49.95. The only thing I can say is that I want GarageBand. I can wait!
  • No question about the beauty, however, the beauty translates into simplicity. The chrome is nice and so is the white finish, but the four buttons and jog dial are just terrific. The lack of buttons makes it look good. Just like my iBook with only one button (other than the key board), this is truly simple and simple feels less crowded and better looking. At least in my opinion.
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    Next To The iPod Everything Else Is Ugly
  • I agree, Mr. Stern, on your statement that there are others who just like to use Apple products because they work. However, I think that the issue is should also be whether an Apple person is a user through and through. If you use a Mac but are not a follower of the company (i.e. because they work), are you a member of the cult? Maybe! Just because you don't go to Church or Shull does not mean your not Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, what have you, no disrespect to any one. Just because you own a Mac does not mean you have to follow. But if you own a Mac, you are a member of this religion. Think about it!
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    The Apple Cult Is Dead
  • I agree Macca about the "Cult" still remaining. I am a switcher who now understands. I used to be so concerned about having Windows and now I can't get enough Mac. It's not just a computer to me, it is a religion. Mac World is a high Holiday and Steve Jobs is God. Maybe I'm a little over dramatic, but lets face the facts, Windows users don't care and have the support that Mac users have and that is what the "Cult" is all about. All praise mighty Steve for ever and ever. Amen.
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    The Apple Cult Is Dead
  • I know people have been saying this, but I'd like an Apple PDA kind of like the Tapwave Zodiac, with a portable version of OS X. I'd also like it to have a hard drive so it can be an iPod, too. That would be sooooo coooool!
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    MacWorld Speculation: Donít Get Your Hopes Up
  • Just a quick point, the iLife suit which includes iDVD 3 is only $49.99 not $129.99 like your article suggests. How's that for an upgrade price?
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    Panther Is Missing A Few Spokes From The Digital Hub