MacWorld Speculation: Donít Get Your Hopes Up

by Chris Seibold Dec 31, 2003

This year I received a completely unexpected Christmas present (an iSight if you must know, itís terribly cool and everyone overlooks the fact that a six pin to six pin firewire cable is included). Made me feel great and got me wondering about MacWorld. The connection is obvious…or maybe not. For the Mac faithful Macworld is a little like Christmas. Except Steve is Santa and you have to shell out money for your presents. Well, thatís nothing like Christmas. Letís try this again. MacWorld is the place where the big stuff is unleashed, the unutterably cool is revealed, and the jaw dropping innovations are first loosed upon legions of ravenous Mac users. Except when nothing great happens, then everyone walks around feeling like a kid who just got clothes for Christmas. So what about this year? Will MacWorld be indescribably cool or insufferably boring?

Well to answer that letís take a quick look at the highlights of the year that was: PowerBooks started showing up in Kids Meal and Extra Value size, the next generation operating system (Panther) is boxed, sold, and praised, G5s finally make the scene, and most revolutionarily of all, Mac and Windows users could legally and easily buy music via the net. So, and remember this is just the big stuff, you had: Laptops redefined by the 17” PowerBook, a major OS release with Panther, a chip so powerful no one actually needs it yet and the paradigm shifting iTunes.

Since 2003 was so crammed full of coolness thereís really no way MacWorld stands a chance of being even mildly diverting. As Mac users we’ve grown accustomed to the steady stream of inventive products so unless Apple pulls out G9 PowerBooks running at 10 Ghz, something completely radical that redefines the desktop computer and debuts an operating system named after a cat as yet unknown to science MacWorld is going to feel disappointing. I suppose I might be wrong, maybe there is uber hipness waiting in San Fran, but in all likelihood MacWorld will seem to be a bit less than it could of been.

What do you think, will MacWorld 2004 herald products as exciting as 2003? What is the one product announcement that you want to hear?


  • if it’s just mini pods that will suck. I want g5 powerbooks

    macbrudda had this to say on Dec 31, 2003 Posts: 1
  • It almost for sure won’t be G5 Powerbooks yet - look at the $700 trade-in pilot program Apple’s considering in order to maintain interest in G4 PBs.
    I think there’s a possibility of dual processor PBs. That would be impressive!
    I think $100 mini-iPods would be a terrific idea. I have a 20GB iPod, but would probably buy a Mini for walks, exercize, etc.
    Software-wise, if Apple could update its aging AppleWorks, it would be a great MacWorld.

    Macca had this to say on Dec 31, 2003 Posts: 5
  • I agree with Macca, no G5 powerbooks yet but I’d love to see dual G4 powerbooks that would be so cool! Especially since dual g4’s can run as fast as a single g4 processor.

    I hope they introduce the mini-iPod, I think it would great for Apple.

    I’d also like to see an updated iCal and Address Book. Right now they are pretty crudy especially when compared to Palm’s software.

    bobby had this to say on Dec 31, 2003 Posts: 15
  • I know people have been saying this, but I’d like an Apple PDA kind of like the Tapwave Zodiac, with a portable version of OS X.  I’d also like it to have a hard drive so it can be an iPod, too.  That would be sooooo coooool!

    Tuju Crue had this to say on Dec 31, 2003 Posts: 15
  • A cheap ipod would be nice, but not earth shattering. I can’t imagine what apple is going to come up with but surely something for the 20th anniversary of the Mac?

    chrisseibold had this to say on Dec 31, 2003 Posts: 48
  • After reading a lot of messageboard posts and sites that are discussing Macworld and possible new additions to the Apple family, I posted some of my ideas on my own site.
    G5 powerbooks are a definite no. Heat would be a huge issue with developing one now.
    I’m not convinced with the idea of smaller iPods being released - but you never know. Apple have really surprised us before, and they will probably do it again on the 6th!

    Katharine had this to say on Jan 03, 2004 Posts: 3
  • If we get Mini-iPods and a tweak or two to the iLife apps I would be happy. An upgrade in speed for the G5 Towers would be a bonus. Mini-iPods would be so healthy for Apple right now and would kick the competition hard while their still on the floor.

    Happy new year

    Mr Underhill had this to say on Jan 05, 2004 Posts: 4
  • So what is so special about the 6-pin firewire cable that was included with the iSight? I’m curious…

    Dan Markham had this to say on Jan 05, 2004 Posts: 3
  • Oooooo…how ‘bout iTax? “The tax preparation software for the rest of us”? But seriously, folks, I would welcome the mini iPod. I may be able to justify spending the money on one.

    Dan Markham had this to say on Jan 05, 2004 Posts: 3
  • yeah, Firewire seems uncharacteristically complicated - why don’t all Firewire cables just have the same pin count, and the 800 version be the same connector as the 400?

    Nathan had this to say on Jan 06, 2004 Posts: 219
  • Am I the only one that thinks mini pods are a bad idea? Sure, they will broaden the reach of the audience and make the term, iPod the generic term for mP3 player, but I caution it cheapening the brand.

    Gregory Ng had this to say on Jan 06, 2004 Posts: 54
  • absolutely nothing special about the isight firewire cable per se except they tend to be pricey and hard to find. If you live in knoxville anyway..

    chrisseibold had this to say on Jan 06, 2004 Posts: 48
  • At $249 I don’t perceive any “cheapening of the brand”. In fact I am quite disappointed that they are so expensive. Only $50 less for significantly less storage: I was hoping for a little more “cheapening” myself. I think they missed an oppurtunity to hit what I consider to be the under $200 sweet spot. It is amazing what $50 can do. At $199 I could have seen an iPod Mini in my near future. At $249 I think I’ll wait.

    Dan Markham had this to say on Jan 07, 2004 Posts: 3
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