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  • After reading a lot of messageboard posts and sites that are discussing Macworld and possible new additions to the Apple family, [url=http://www.wink.ssxh.net/archives/000300.html]I posted some of my ideas on my own site[/url]. G5 powerbooks are a definite no. Heat would be a huge issue with developing one now. I'm not convinced with the idea of smaller iPods being released - but you never know. Apple have really surprised us before, and they will probably do it again on the 6th!
    Katharine had this to say on Jan 03, 2004 Posts: 3
    MacWorld Speculation: Donít Get Your Hopes Up
  • I couldn't agree with you more. I have been saying the same thing for the past 10 years. They need to make their producte more attractive to the average home user. They can do this by dropping the price. People want computers, and most people don't care about status or aesthetics. They do, however care about getting a computer for the least abount of money so the kids can type up their assignments, and so the family can use the internet. The average family would not be able to afford a mac. MacHelp sounds rather pretentious when he compares them to BMWs, and talks about Macs not being for everyone. While I see where you are coming from, I don't agree with you. I, like some other people who commented here, believe that Steve Jobs would love nothing more than to see an Apple or two on every desk of every family. First they will have to drop the price, establish more packages or deals - such as software or hardware bundles, and discount the various Apple myths that are in circulation. Oh yeah....ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE!
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    A New Cheaper eMac That Is Still Too Expensive
  • I think Gregory makes an interesting point. I think by saying 'from $7 per month', a lot of people will 'think different' and work it into their budget. There are a lot of money conscious people out there, and there are also a lot of people who don't like credit cards for various reasons (such as interest rates...). If people knew they could get an iPod for $7 per month, it would make a lot of people realise that it is within reach. I have always thought Apple should reconsider the way they market their products, and price things. They really need to challenge people. Most still believe that you can't get software for Macs, and that macs are only for people who don't know how to use computers (because of the simple UI). Most people feel that they are way too expensive and beyond their reach. Why get a mac if you can get a pc with the same features, pay half the price and get a bunch of extras? Sure - we know why, but the general public don't. They need to appeal to the average home user, instead of the already converted mac fans, and the arty professionals. The switcher campaign was a good start, but they need to be more agressive with advertising. I'm in Australia. I never see ads for Apples in the newspaper,or magazines other than those for graphic designers or 'MacWorld'. I have never in my life seen an ad for an apple product on TV. I see ads for DELLs and Pentiums everyday in printed publications, tv and radio though. It's a wonder people know they exist. I would LOVE to see Apple become a household name, and something no family should live without.
    Katharine had this to say on Nov 09, 2003 Posts: 3
    What Apple Wonít Tell You: Get An iPod for $7