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  • Apr 29, 2006
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  • Beeblebrox, I think you missed Chris' point that with the iPod, Apple is more open (because it supports Windows as well as OS X) than Microsoft. Sincre, Microsoft with their PlaysForSure inciative only support their operating system. Don't see how you can blame Apple for being monopolistic with their music player when they support Windows which accounts for around 90% of operating systems out there. On the other hand, Microsoft is afraid to support Mac OS even thought it accounts for only 3%. Just my 3 cents.
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    Plays-For-Sure... but only on Windows.
  • Dickrichards' computer needs a floppy because Windows doesn't natively support installation to the new SATA drives now being included in most new computers. Your laptop most certainly uses an older ATA drive that Windows XP supports and is able to install to from CD without support from an extra driver loaded from a floppy. Hope that answers your question.
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    The Cost of Being First
  • For Chris Howard: If you hold [option]-click on a widget and then hit your Dashboard activation key (or one of the Expose keys), the widget will pop to the top and will always be visible. To reverse, simply repeat (this time on Dashboard key will work though). Alternately, you can close the widget by holding [option] to make the close button to appear (also true for widgets when Dashboard is visible). For davidwb: The fact that Dashboard is taking the same time on the 1gig (real model-?) and 2gig G5's seems to suggest exactly what you are arguing against - that Dashboard relies on memmory to run. Can't be certain since you didn't indicate if the two models had different amounts of RAM.
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    Apple Fix Tiger: Waiting for 10.4.2