Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano

by Hadley Stern Feb 24, 2006

What is made by Apple, holds a gigabyte of your favorite music, displays pictures, and won’t cost you a cent? The iPod nano the winner of AppleMatter’s latest contest is going to be walking away with. How do you win?

Just tell us one of the products Apple will be releasing on February 28. You don’t have to give specs, but you do have to be within the ballpark of what the product is.

In case of multiple correct predictions the winner will be chosen at random out of all the correct entries.

If no one has the correct prediction the nano will winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Only one prediction per person please, if you have entered multiple predictions only the first one will count.

Put your Nostradamus thinking cap on and get busy, entries must be received by February 27 12:00 Noon EST. Post your prognostications in the comments field below to enter.

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Official Rules

  • No purchase necessary to enter.
  • Contest begins 9PM EST February 23, 2006.
  • Deadline for entries 12 PM February 27, 2006.
  • This giveaway is open to U.S. and international residents.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Apple Matters is not responsible for computer malfunctions, bugs or viruses and causes beyond our control.
  • Apple Matters has the right to terminate this giveaway at any given time without notice.
  • By submitting, you agree that all private information you submit automatically becomes the property of Apple Matters. Apple Matters will not release any personally identifiable information to any third party other than necessary to deliver the prize to winners, and the name of the winners will be used to identify the winners on
  • Winners will be announced on on March 2, 2006.
  • Associates, employees, principles, or relatives thereof of Apple Matters are not eligible.
  • All taxes are the responsibility of the winners.
  • The prize selected does not imply or express any endorsement from the manufacturer or any other relationship with Apple Matters.
  • Apple Matters reserves the right to modify these terms and/or rules at any time to comply with the laws of the State of Massachusetts, to correct errors and omissions, or to ensure fairness as determined by Apple Matters. Such modifications, if any, will be posted at Apple Matters.
  • Any attempt to manipulate, interfere with, or otherwise alter any entries, other systems or services of Apple Matters will disqualify all those implicated and subject them to prosecution in the State of Massachusetts, United States and/or other jurisdictions. Your entry implies and expresses your agreement to these terms and your waiver of any other rights, related to such giveaways, you may have in any jurisdiction.


  • apple will announce a game machine.

    Bill Johnston had this to say on Feb 24, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Mac Mini with an iPod Dock and Front Row, to send iPod content to your TV.

    David Facer had this to say on Feb 24, 2006 Posts: 1
  • touchscreen iPod with PDA functionality and games downloadable from the iTunes Music Store

    Jargon had this to say on Feb 24, 2006 Posts: 1
  • iPod SmartPhone

    ejs had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • “.. And now, lets talk a little about the 5G ipod. The 5G ipod is an amazing peice of hardware, a great screen, we already sold 15 million videos for it! people really like it.

    One more thing… a few months ago we did something bold, we dropped our best selling ipod minis and introduced the ipod nano instead.

    And, boy, did it pay off.

    So… today… were going to do something bold again. This has been in the works since before the 5G ipod.

    As far as buttons go, the ipod clickwheel is the best solution, all of our competitors are trying to copy it. We don’t know how to make it better.

    What can be better then a clickwheel? ... (pulls out the video ipod)... that’s right, NO buttons.

    This is NOT a touchscreen, you can’t use a touchscreen for video you’ll get fingerprints all over it.

    This is something truley amazing, the future is here.

    You control this with gestures, that’s right, gestures.


    Wow. Just wow.

    *long applause*

    But, with such an amazing device, with such a big screen in such a small form factor… we need content.

    The 5G ipod proved that people want portable video if its done right, so…

    We have more content deals, great partners… and yes, movies..”

    webby had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Apple introduces the iOff: a tablet which is NOT a computer but some kind of controlling-panel for managing all your media-equipment in the house.
    e.g.: you will be able to control your mac, like the Apple Remote, with the new iOff. You will see the same screen on your iOff as on your Macintosh.

    All appliances supporting InfraRed, Bluetooth and Wifi will be able to be controled from the iOff

    wouldn’t THAT be great

    Djafke had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Apple will begin selling full length films - the iTunes Movie store.

    fructose had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Simple, they will be three products:

    1) iPod Hi-Fi Boombox;

    2) Mac Mini with PVR capabilities;

    3) iTunes Movie Store.

    brlawyer had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 7
  • I think that apple will be releasing the intel iBook.

    haye321 had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • I think it will be a mini MacPod.

    dabblindeb525 had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • Thin Intel iBook with widescreen display.

    J-F had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 9
  • An IPod Phone That allows only the caller or the caller and receiver to listen to the same music   while you talk with an adjustable volume to set it as a back ground to you conversation.A greatway to set the mood to get your message across.If both parties have an Ipod phone they can listen to different music at the same time or share.

    snotbrain had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • I think it will be an Ipod Boombox

    buneface had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • A DVR enabled Mac Mini

    ellen611 had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
  • A 50-inch iMac that has a base (such was the 2002 model).

    brazileir0 had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 1
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