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  • [i]The idea that elders will “learn” how to download songs is a little ambitious. Teaching my Grandmother how to use email was difficult enough… [/i] It depends on the "elder". I'm old enough to be a grandma, but I'm pretty tech-oriented. So are most of my friends my age. My Mom and her friends emailed just fine in their seventies. Beatles don't actually seem to appeal much to the seventy-year-olds, though. They are more of the middle-age generation (then again, that might be who you're referring to.) Beatles music is still the most illegally-downloaded stuff on the internet, so somebody who likes them sure knows how to download them.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Dec 02, 2006 Posts: 36
    Beatles On Your iPod?
  • [i]the majority of consumers won’t be aware that this option is / will be available, and thus it will likely have little impact on the overall market.[/i] That's true, but it's digital download companies that would be interested in a program like this. That way the could advertise downloads that would work on your iPod. Conversely, companies like MS could purchase it in order to market the Zune player to iTMS users. I think the potential legal troubles might make them shy away. I don't actually think MS would go for it, either, because they want consumers to use their whole system. Smaller MP3 makers might be interested, though.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Nov 21, 2006 Posts: 36
    Double Twist iTunes Destroyer?
  • [i](ps. All of the above is about stores selling songs/movies that play on iTunes/iPod/iTV, not about playing iTMS songs on Zune.. I didn’t think DoubleTwist allowed that...)[/i] Actually, it does allow that. Double Twist has software to work both ways.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Nov 21, 2006 Posts: 36
    Double Twist iTunes Destroyer?
  • Regarding Sim066 comments on surveys, research has come a long way. It's generally accurate to within a few percentage points. They probably didn't ask people if they downloaded music illegally. Asking where users download from or asking of they use free sites would get different answers than asking about illegal downloads. Here's another interesting quote by Ballmer in the same article linked above: "My 12-year-old at home doesn't want to hear that he can't put all the music that he wants in all of the places that he would like it," he joked. He said that while criticizing iPod's DRM. I wonder how satisfied his son is with MS DRM.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Nov 14, 2006 Posts: 36
    Universal Calls MP3 Users Thieves
  • Thanks, Babbleboy. If you want to see something equally funny, check out the Zune installation error screen. You can find it at http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/12/stores-selling-zunes-early/.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Nov 13, 2006 Posts: 36
    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme
  • Chris, check this comment: "These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it," UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris says. "So it's time to get paid for it." Found here: http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/11610/
  • The title was never meant to be misleading, and I apologize ifit was. According to Apple, they had reason to eject Greenpeace; but still, they did eject them. I could have used the word "ejected" or something similar, but they mean the same thing. Both Greenpeace and Apple view it as an ejection. I would guess that Greenpeace would think the article is biased. At the time I wrote this, I could find very little rebuttal from Greenpeace. Today I found their side of the story. It's at http://www.cio.com/blog_view.html?CID=26175. As you can see, their side is quite a bit different. I wasn't there, I haven't a clue what the true story is. I think it's a good time, however, for Apple and other companies to review their environmental policies. It's an interesting debate. Does Greenpeace use Apple for publicity, or is Apple really the worst environmentally? Either way, there's always room for improvement environmentally. There's also room for improvement on how Greenpeace spreads their message.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Oct 31, 2006 Posts: 36
    Apple Ousts Greenpeace
  • VB, sorry I was unclear with that last sentence. The reason I questioned the continued sale of iPods isn't because of Zune, but because Best Buy is competing with iTMS in the download music world and working with Sandisk to do this. It seems in Best Buy's best interest to promote Sandisk. Even though Best Buy says they want to offer a variety so they can the service to their customers, they definitely have a vested interest in the player that promotes their site.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Oct 24, 2006 Posts: 36
    Best Buy and Apple: Friend or Foe?
  • Thank you, Ben. Well said.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Oct 04, 2006 Posts: 36
    Walmart Threatens Movie Studios
  • [i]If it gets here Wal Mart should be prepared to compete. Not throw temper tantrums.[/i] Perfectly said.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Sep 27, 2006 Posts: 36
    Walmart Threatens Movie Studios
  • I'm guessing you're right about that, too, Ben.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Sep 23, 2006 Posts: 36
    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • [i]From what I can see with folks here and the Apple Discussions boards, most of these cryptic errors appear on iT6 upgrades not fresh installs.[/i] Excellent point, Robotech, and one that might be worth checking out.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Sep 20, 2006 Posts: 36
    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • :) By the time I had this article written, somebody had already made the shirt.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Aug 01, 2006 Posts: 36
    Microsoft's Annual Meeting and Vista
  • According to Dictionary.com, here's what a manual is... A small reference book, especially one giving instructions. This definition is close, but not quite right. The manual, for those who don't know, is that small book that comes in the box of almost anything you buy. The purpose is to give instructions on using your new gadget. Often worded very poorly, it's those pages you throw away because reading them causes you to 1) tear your hair out, and 2) teach your kids words you don't want them to learn.
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Jul 18, 2006 Posts: 36
    Are Women Gadget-Impaired?
  • Didn't hear a word, Robotech! :)
    Janet Meyer had this to say on Jul 13, 2006 Posts: 36
    Apple Market Share to Explode?