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  • Mar 04, 2008
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  • I think its funny people like habadasher has said "Dell may sell printers but they do not make them, they are merely re-branded from other manufacturers!" I don't know if that is true or not. I think it used to be when they first got in but they actually are winning lots of awards for their printers from what I've seen and if they were just re-brands - wouldn't those awards apply to those printers too - yet they weren't in there. So, I'll claim ignorance on that topic - but I don't think that is entirely accurate. But saying that something is just a rebrand or not made by that company that sells it is just ignorant. Did you know that Dell and HP sell the same monitor? The Apple Cinema display and Dell 2407 (now the 2408) use the same panel from samsung? The bezel is different on the Apple making it only 23" where its 24 on the Dell. Yup - same exact panel. The panels on the Apples and Dell notebooks are the same in some instances. Why? Because there are only a few mfg's of LCD glass in the world. Did you also know that Apple DESIGNS the Ipod but has another company Manufacture them for them? Read the back of your Ipod some day - "Designed in California - made in China" The idea that Dell has nothing else to offer than some dull grey boxes hasn't been to Dell.com in probably about 5 years or so. If you want to use the old argument that they don't make some of their own products - neither does apple. Or HP. And the argument that Dell doesn't make some of the peripherals they sell as a reason for Dell possibly failing in the future -- uhm...has anyone heard of Newegg.com or CDW.com? They do TONS of peripherals business and they don't make a single computer they sell. And I think they do pretty well for themselves.
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    Dell Should Buy Fedora To Ensure Relevancy In Future
  • Wow. I wish I could count the number of inaccuracies in your "article" (so I guess I will!). Now, I like Apple just as much as most other people on here - but I have to call a spade, a spade -- and you are just wrong on several things. First, Dell does sell printers. They make their own printers. www.dell.com/printers will take you there. They make lasers and inkjets. Second - they do Sell peripherals. In fact, tons of them. I actually bought my Nikon D40 from them a few months back. And they have Dell brand peripherals as well. Like, Docking stations, bluetooth keyboards and mice, monitors, wireless adapters, etc. Third - they do have well designed and nice notebooks. Have you actually looked at the M1330 or the M1530? Those are two very sexy Dell notebooks. I'm sure its a matter of taste but I'd take those new designs over the 2 or 3 year old macbook pro designs. Talk about stale! Fourth - they do have useful services. Like at work we have some Dells and they have this dellconnect service in which they fix your Dell products online for free by connecting to your computer. In fact - they have a whole section of their website dedicated to the services they offer. They offer training, installation, online backup services (in addition to their server and tape backup units they sell). I just think before you go spouting off articles on here you should probably get your facts straight.
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    Dell Should Buy Fedora To Ensure Relevancy In Future