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  • Aug 26, 2011
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  • As Steve also said when they announced the MacBook Air, reaching across the keyboard to touch the screen does not work for users and that is not the route they are going.
    Parky had this to say on Jan 14, 2011 Posts: 51
    Combining the iPad and the MacBook Air Into One: Possible?
  • What does "rm cnncmar" mean?
    Parky had this to say on Jan 14, 2011 Posts: 51
    Combining the iPad and the MacBook Air Into One: Possible?
  • TheGooch needs a life and some glasses, why bother to comment about something that is 10 months old!! And for your information there was no way to contact the author directly.
  • I agree, try comparing two products that are supposed to be doing the same thing. Pity that Zumocast can't actually do what REmote can, i.e. control my computer iTunes!
    Parky had this to say on Oct 06, 2010 Posts: 51
    ZumoCast: What Remote Should Be
  • Typical, not even giving Apple a chance to develop the service before you rip it to shreds. What was FaceBook like when it was launched?
    Parky had this to say on Sep 07, 2010 Posts: 51
    Ping: Apple's Dismal Foray into Social Media
  • How can sales be higher when they have run out of stock? Silly story, in fact it's not even a story, it's a non story.
    Parky had this to say on Jul 11, 2010 Posts: 51
    Androids vs. iPhones the Battle Goes On
  • Very wrong to call Apple a liar when they clearly stated that they were the top 3 reasons. An apology is required!!!
    Parky had this to say on Jun 13, 2010 Posts: 51
    The WWDC 2010 Keynote: Great Product, Bad PR
  • Apple have never sold the iPad as a replacement for a NetBook. They simply said that a NetBook is a cheap and limited version of a Laptop, it does nothing better than a Laptop does, and that is 100% correct. The iPad on the other hand is NOT trying to be a Laptop / NetBook replacement. Apple have sold the iPad as the best way to Surf the Internet, do your mail, consume media, etc. Multi-tasking is coming in the fall, free to all iPad owners.
    Parky had this to say on Jun 05, 2010 Posts: 51
    Can You Blog On the iPad?
  • What a load of rubbish. ALL iPhones and iPods can run software from the Apps store as long as the device has OS 3. Just because you can't install OS 4 does not make your device obsolete. When people bought those devices, they had no idea they would get continual updates and masses of features every year from Apple. They are still supported, they just don't have the latest features, just like many other devices that are updated year on year.
    Parky had this to say on May 19, 2010 Posts: 51
    Don't Buy an iPod Touch This Summer.
  • "If you buy a stolen car, a task force partially run by Apple does not bust down your door and seize your computers, especially AFTER you’ve returned the item. At best, that’s horrible abuse of authority." 1. They did not bust down any doors. 2. The task force is not run by Apple. 3. Regardless of if the device was returned a crime was still committed. "Second, the finder DID contact Apple, who didn’t ask that the phone be returned. And when Gizmodo was formally asked to return the phone, they did." 1. The finder did not try to contact Apple. A friend of his offered to contact AppleCare, we have no evidence that they did. Also is contacting AppleCare really the best way to try to return the device? Why go to Apple direct in the first place? Why not try to contact the guy who lost it? 2. Giz did return the iPhone, but they had to be asked to do. they should not need to be asked, they had stolen property (they knew that), did they try to return it before being asked - NO. "Lastly, Gizmodo and Chen are protected to some degree by shield laws that protect journalists from just type of abuse of authority. But hey, it’s Apple. If they do it, then by definition, it must be okay." 1. They are not protected from committing crimes to obtain a story.
    Parky had this to say on Apr 30, 2010 Posts: 51
    Gizmodo's iPhone Scoop: The Non-Story that Went Huge
  • Of course you can do what you want with your device, just don't expect any warranty. I can put diesel in my petrol car if I want to, it won't work very well, but I can do it. Of course my warranty would be invalid at that point. The main selling point of the iPhone is the OS, not the hardware. If you want Android just buy an Android phone!
    Parky had this to say on Apr 27, 2010 Posts: 51
    Android on iPhone!
  • Looks like a toy - "My first computer", not professional or classy.
    Parky had this to say on Apr 21, 2010 Posts: 51
    litl [The Competitors]
  • If the developers don't like the rules, then they should not play the game.
  • What has 'need' go to do with anything, it is a case of 'want'? No 'needs' and iPad, but many 'want' one. There are many things on sale in the world that people don't need.
    Parky had this to say on Apr 01, 2010 Posts: 51
    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • It is a 9.7" screen not 9.5"
    Parky had this to say on Feb 03, 2010 Posts: 51
    Get Past the Hype: Go for the $499 iPad Model