Apple in charge?

by Chris Howard Jan 13, 2006

I mentioned in my article on Wednesday that it appeared - with the Intel CEO looking very squirmish and somewhat embarrassed running around in a “bunny suit” - the folks from Apple are calling the shots in this relationship with Intel. Could you imagine SJ ever doing something like that? Not a chance. What self-respecting CEO would? One that sees the Apple deal as very, very important.

And then there’s that ad that Apple didn’t even show to Intel until just before the keynote. Again, Intel is treated as the junior partner.

And further possible confirmation today with a report in The Inquirer that there’s a fair bit of displeasure among Windows corporate buyers that Apple got first dibs on the Intel Core Duo CPUs.

What’s it all mean? Intel not happy with Dell for talking to AMD? Apple really is a serious contender in the market? Apple doesn’t care about treading on toes now that it has inked the deal?

This will be very interesting to watch unfold.


  • One thing I noticed from the article is that <cite>“corporate Wintel buyers ... are unlikely to get Dell machines until early February”</cite>

    When are the MacBooks shipping?

    This seems to be about publicity and who can conduct the best marketing campaign.

    xbaz had this to say on Jan 13, 2006 Posts: 11
  • Yeah xbaz, that’s why I slipped the word “possible” in there - coz I was sure how much of that article was fluff, but all the same Apple seem to be playing the role of senior partner.

    Chris Howard had this to say on Jan 13, 2006 Posts: 1209
  • Apple is Apple. Always the gifted teenager. Brilliant in class. Works poorly with others. Name a business relationship that they have had in the last 5 years that has lasted. Hopefully this move to Intel will impart a little humility in them, corporately, but I doubt it. How are they going to act when they have 5%, 10% of the market?

    mcloki had this to say on Jan 13, 2006 Posts: 25
  • If you think Intel was Apple’s beeyotch, look at how Microsoft was presented. Jobs avoided even saying the word “Microsoft,” their name was in small print at the bottom of the giganto-screen, and of course, Roz Ho didn’t help matters with her nervous mannered speech.

    innate had this to say on Jan 14, 2006 Posts: 12
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